Palletways launches online pallet booking service in UK

03.05.2017 –
Deliveries by Europe’s number one palletised freight network are one-click away with a new online trading tool being trialled by Palletways UK.

The service is now available at where customers can book a delivery using a debit or credit card. Then, the tool uploads all the booking information into the Palletways system to generate the collection and delivery instructions for members to follow.
Palletways expects that most users will be customers who have smaller volumes to move around or do not currently have a formal customer relationship with a network member. Customers will be able to book any of the five current UK domestic pallet types, for collection and delivery within the UK only.

Dave Walmsley, Palletways UK Managing Director, said: “We are at the forefront of palletised freight network innovation and technology. As such, we are delighted to start the ball rolling on this trial of online booking which widens access to our industry leading service to everyone who needs an express palletised delivery.

“We believe that small traders and individual consumers who either have an infrequent need should be able to use our services. The online platform provides this opportunity. The early feedback from customers who have used the tool is excellent and we look forward to shifting thousands of pallets around the UK as a result of the new platform. Additionally, an infrequent user today might become a more frequent shipper and therefore a future customer of our member. This is an ideal door opener to new business.”

For the trial, the online trading tool for the UK will be managed by the customer service team at Fradley. If successful, it will be rolled out to other Palletways networks across Europe.

Rachael Alpha, Palletways Group Commercial Director, said: “We believe that there is significant demand for online services from business and consumers who are not formal contract customers of Palletways members. The UK trial will help us to determine what works and what, if anything, needs improving as we look to expand the online service to support our European operations and future expansion.”