Another industry-first: Palletways UK announce evening deliveries available from today

Customers of Palletways UK can receive deliveries morning, noon and, from today, during the evening in yet another industry-first service from Europe’s number one palletised freight network.

For over 25 years, Palletways UK has offered deliveries during normal working hours between 9am and 5pm. Now, an evening delivery from 5pm to 9pm on standard and premium services will bring an extra dimension to their delivery offering. The complete offering now means that customers can choose from 3 delivery time frames over a 12-hour period. Morning delivery between 9am and 12pm, afternoon delivery 12pm – 5pm and the new Evening delivery between 5pm and 9pm. In combination with Palletways’ market-leading ETA system, customers will also receive a 2-hour delivery window notification via text and email in their chosen time frames.

Barry Byers, Network Development Director at Palletways UK, said: “We listen to the feedback of our customers to understand what new services will provide them with an edge in their market. Last year, we used our commitment to innovative technology to deliver our ETA system and provide pallet delivery time certainty. This year, we will deliver a new time frame in the evening which provides choice, flexibility and convenience of delivery. The service is an industry-first for a palletised freight network.

“For our growing home delivery market, people can now choose to receive deliveries after work, rather than making arrangements to stay at home during the day. For our business customers, we can make deliveries at a time which opens-up new opportunities, like choosing delivery windows when access restrictions on the route to their premises no longer operate.”

The new service was made possible by the flexible, can-do approach of the 110+ Palletways members who deliver a number approaching 5.5 million pallets each year.

Mike Harrison, Palletways UK Operations Director, said: “All of our members have their finger on the pulse of which extra services our customers would find most valuable. Evening deliveries is the next step. Mobilising the resources to support evening services is testament to the commitment our members have to customer service excellence. Our five Palletways UK hubs are also ready to take on this opportunity.”

Paul Ince, Depot Principal at the Pink Link, said: “The launch of this new service allows us to provide yet more value to our customers. The convenience and flexibility that the Evening Delivery window will offer is truly industry leading. Market forces are trending toward a demand from customers to be able to receive their deliveries during a timeframe that suits them, and this service offers them exactly this. We are looking forward to developing this service for the benefit of our customers.”